Sex toys are great for you! …and for everyone else too!

You probably know from your own experience how satisfying masturbation with a sex toy can be. If not, perhaps you are someone interested in knowing more about them since you popped into reading this blog post as we speak. Either or, here is an interesting article that about a study regarding the health benefits of sex toys:


While there have been noted some clear individual benefits for both women and men, we thought that the most meaningful part which we most of us can surely relate to was the social benefits on making having sex with a partner more joyful as well as increasing libido and easing the reach for an orgasm. We do also appreciate the fact that using sex toys can relieve symptoms of stress and improve sleep (Sounds kind of obvious that sleep improvements follow lower stress levels, but anyhow it's nice to see that these studies yet again confirm this).

So, what are you waiting for? grab yourself your favorite vibrator like this:

Or perhaps you would like to try one with a suction effect instead instead like this:

Whatever your choice for stress reliever is we wish you a satisfying week to go! We surely will be sleeping like we are on top of a sea of down pillows! ;)




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