What to do when Covid-19 pandemic (or other threats) force you to quarantine and distance yourself from others?

Yes, you guessed it: masturbate!

At least, that seems to be what other people are doing if we are to believe a study conducted in the US. Well, we really can't find a thing wrong with that. Moreover we happily encourage other people to do so too! :) Here's a link to an article by Insider about this study:


Although this study was conducted in the US, we believe similar behaviour should be found in other parts of the world if they were studied. At least just recently Spain increased their level national safety protocols to fight the pandemic and I think Belgium just announced stricter curfews. Also a friend of ours who lives in Berlin, Germany also said that they are going into lockdown again for the time being. 

Despite the inconvenience the covid-19 has caused, we seek to find some positive news and here is definitely one. So while you may not have time to do your regular social activities, you can certainly enjoy your time alone or with your partner. 

Why wouldn't you pop in to check what we have in our couples section here:


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Be safe everyone!






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