Good hygiene with sex toys - quick tips.

It goes without saying that no one wishes to go through any negative experiences when using sex toys. But just as with regular sex, there are sweat and bodily fluids involved and so there is a small risk of infections involved if they are used without proper hygienic care. Here are a few simple and easy guiding tips to keep you safe and sound when using sex toys.

I rather not elaborate on the possible sexually transmitted infections or urinary tract infections but just give a few rules of thumb to keep in mind with your toys. I’ll add a link at the end if you wish to read more about this.

  1. Clean the toys before and after use, specially after. It definitely does not harm to wash your toys more than once between uses and more over in case some time has passed from the last use.
      • Cleaning method depends on the material so follow the instructions in the packaging but here’s a few general tips:
          • submerge waterproof silicone sex toys without vibrators or mechanics in boiling water and then wash with a mild soap.
          • soak waterproof plastic, glass, rubber, cyberskin or metal toys in warm soapy water.
          • Wipe batter-operated or leather toys with a warm, damp and soapy cloth.
          • Ensure that the toy is completely dry before storing. Store each toy in a dedicated pouch clear from each other or possible dirt or lint.
  1. Check regularly sex toys for any damage or tears in the materials. Consider not using damaged products. They may scar your or your partners skin and thus create a higher risk of a STI. Also there is a higher risk of germs or bacteria to be found in indents or spaces between ridges.
  2. Prefer not using the same toy for vaginal and anal penetration but in case you do, wash the toy with mild soap before performing this change.
  3. If you wish to share a sex toy between a partner, use a condom. Or just don’t swap toys. Simple.


To sum up, good hygiene with sex toys goes hand in hand with keeping a good hygiene with yourself and your partner. It’s nothing too difficult, but just remember that keeping our hands, bodies and sex toys clean will provide you with a healthy and secure and also enjoyable experience. And also remember that infections sometimes still do occur and if so, you should consult your local medical professional and they will be able to help and take care of it. If the unlikely and unfortunate situation that something like this happens to you or your partner, remember to support each other as it could have happened to either one of you.

If you wish to read more about good sexual hygiene, here’s a link to an article I used as a source for this blog post:

Stay safe and have fun!



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