Silicone anal douche

Must have for pleasent and clean anal play time.
Enema Bulb is made of premium medical silicone which is soft agains skin, doesn't cause irritation and is comfortable and safe to use.
This personal douche is convenient to use, simply fill the liquid, attach the long rounded-tip nozzle. You can use water based lubricant for more comfortable insertion of the nozzle. 
Insert the nozzle as far in to the rectum as comfortable, press to push the water out. Keep pressing while takimng the nozzle out so the water doesn't get sucked back in. Let the water come out and repeat the process until the water is clean.
After the use you can wash the nozzle and the bulb with warm water and hand soap and leave it to dry for the next use. 

You can choose the size of the bulb from 89ml 160ml 224ml 310ml and shape of the nozzle to best fit your needs.

Shipping is very discreet and takes approximately 15-30 days

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