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Heart-shaped Crystal Metal Anal Plug Set

Heart-shaped Crystal Metal Anal Plug Set


Set of 3 stainless steel anal plugs. Each plug has a beautiful heart shape crystal in the stud. You can choose from 10 different colors to fit your taste. This item is perfect for a gift as well.size S: 2.8*7cm
size M: 8*3.4 cm
size L: 9*4cm

Shipping takes 15-30 days and comes in a dircreet packaging.

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metal kegel balls, Ben wa balls, kegel exercise

6PCS Ben Wa Ball exercise set

  • [Aid Performance of Kegel Exercises] When using Kegel exercise balls as part of your pelvic floor exercise routine, you are able to use the balls as markers of your progression.
  • [Recommended by Doctors] Kegel exercise balls are tremendously beneficial in enhancing and improving the pelvic floor muscle.
  • [Suitable for All Ages] The sooner you start, the sooner you will feel the benefits! Kegels are a valuable preventative tool to keep in your back pocket, should you ever need it.
  • [Detachable Beads] The ben wa balls kit with waterproof design for easy cleaning are made with non-porous materials that won't harbor bacteria.
  • [Exercise Anytime, Anywhere] With Kegel balls, just 15 minutes per day. Do it while in the shower, morning running, or doing light chores! Easy!

Shipping takes approximately 15-30 days.